JAC Stringer

JAC Stringer

Activist – Organizer – Presenter – Performer
A Cincinnati, Ohio native, JAC dedicates his activism to bettering the Midwest for genderqueer and queer people. JAC currently serves as founding director of The GenderQueer Coalition, a radical activist organization for trans, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming advocacy, education, and wellness. JAC is also a trans-radical genderqueer stage performer, also known as the genderfuckingly fabulous euro-star JAC McFaggin’. JAC McFaggin’ has performed in queer and non-queer spaces across the country, both as a solo performer and as a co-managing member of the internationally recognized professional drag troupe The Black Mondays.
JAC is the founder of several radical activist projects including The GenderQueer Coalition, GenderBloc, The Queer Peer Education Program, and The Queer Canon Zine. He is a leading activist in the GID reform movement where he is currently working with MoonHawk Riverstone PhD on a national GID removal initiative. He is a strong advocate for sexual assault awareness and prevention including queer recognition in partner violence and has worked on several projects including being a trained response advocate for survivor support. JAC is active in the comprehensive sex education movement through work with Advocates for Youth and the Ohio Advocates, where he works on education and policy reform in Ohio and nationally. He has founded and lead several queer activist movements and education projects, both in his home town of Cincinnati and throughout the Midwest.

Look forward to a workshop about gender and sexualized violence!

Want more info about JAC? http://midwestgenderqueer.com/


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