Dalice Malice

Dalice Malice (A.K.A. Dalice Marie) is the internationally ignored Cuntry/Anarcho/Queercore/Folk songsstress currently located in Chicago. In January 2005 she was signed to DeadWait Records (Mt. Pleasant, MI) and released two full length albums (27Remastered and In Case You Haven’t Heard) under the name VanessaMarie.

In the summer of 2007 she released ‘Autoshow 1963′ and was the first album released under the name Dallas/Marie. In December of 2008 she released “Opening Your Mouth Once Again” following quickly with the album “A Young Patriot’s New Anthem” released in July. her final release came in the winter of 2008 when she released the album ‘Until We’re Good and Ready’. In the summer of 2009 she was diagnosed with epic brain freeze after indulging in seven consecutive 7-11 slurpies. She can now be found kicking cans down the streets of Chicago.

To hear her music go here! Music on Myspace

To see her on YouTube: Youtube Videos


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