Madsen Minax

Madsen Minax
Filmmaker – Musician – Director/Producer
Madsen Minax is a non profit slinger, bass slapping swinger, norm fucking humdinger who will pull your finger and laugh.
Madsen’s work is primarily in time-based arts, including sound/music and film/video, but when he’s not making films, writing songs, or singing and playing bass in the band/collective Actor Slash Model, he survives in the real world by editing educational films, serving coffee drinks and giving mediocre tattoos out of his basement. He was trained as a classical pianist from age 4, earned his BFA in film and sound at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and trained in classical quartet composition at Hogeschool voor Muziek en Technologie in Utrectht, The Netherlands.

With the Feder/Minax/Rosskam/Strikeback quartet-come-fiasco Madsen co-curates bi-monthly screenings as Threat Level Queer Shorts, bringing queer films and videos to exhibition space and building a fresh and necessary queer artists’ space in Chicago.


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